Important COVID-19 Update

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) crisis has had an impact on the global economy and has disrupted our everyday lives.   Cryomech remains fully committed to working in a safe, diligent and reasonable manner. So far, we are fortunate that the health impact to our employee owners has been minimal.  We recognize, however, that the current crisis has impacted our customers due to significant delays in our production planning and order fulfillment.

Cryomech experienced a brief shut down as a result of the executive order of closure passed from New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on March 16th, 2020.  Shortly thereafter we received a conditional exemption to resume some production activities.  As of May 15th, the executive order has allowed us to resume all production activities.  However, New York State regulations continue to require strict occupancy level, sanitation, and social distancing limits.  We are working to resume production and our capacity remains impacted by this crisis.

Keeping our employees safe while serving our customers is our top priority. We implemented a step by step plan to bring back as many staff as possible under a measured and monitored plan complies with regulations and maintains employee health and safety.  To maximize capacity, our employees are working a multi-shift manufacturing schedule including day, evening and weekend shifts, strict social distancing rules, and rigorous hygiene and sanitation measures.  As of today, we are at approximately 70% our staffing capacity and plan to be back to pre-shut down levels next month. This gives us confidence in what can be achieved in the coming months.  Nonetheless, the disruption to our business caused by this crisis has affected our lead times and completion dates for open orders and we recognize this has a negative impact on you, our customers.

We promise you, everyone at Cryomech is working hard to fulfill your needs and to adapt to this terrible situation. Please reach out us with your questions and concerns.  We will continue to keep your project representatives informed of your order status and the impacts of this crisis.  We are working diligently to minimize any additional delays. Your cooperation and support are appreciated as work our way through this unprecedented event.

We wish for your health and safety as we all get through these difficult times!