CiTi Students Recognized with Cryomech Scholarships

The Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation recently awarded several scholarships to students during end-of-the-year virtual ceremonies.

A new Cryomech and Liverpool Turkey Trot Scholarship was established in the fall 2019 with the focus on students who have or will make a difference in career and technical fields. The intent of the scholarship is to reward and recognize students who show passion and knowledge of their craft, leadership qualities and a strong work ethic.

The following students received this special honor: Emma McCarthy (CTE), Madison Watkins (CTE), Gabrielle Moran (New Vision), Caitlyn Fellows (CTE), Brooke Jones (Full-day Work-study), Caleb Trepasso (1/2 Day Work-study), Brent Edward Wiggins (1/2 Day Work-study) and Tiffany Young (Full-day Work-study).