Low Vibration Operation

Cryomech Cryostats all feature a sleeve and helium reservoir design that provides refrigeration without any direct mechanical contact between the cooling station and the Cryocooler. This design feature provides the ultra-low vibration operation required by the most sensitive cryogenic devices.

Excellent Temperature Stability

Another benefit of the Cryomech reservoir design is the thermal inertia added by the accumulated liquid helium. This thermal inertia results in cooling stations with excellent temperature stability. All Cryomech Cryostats exhibit inherent temperature stability of ± 5 mK.

Fully Customizable

Scientific research often requires specialized equipment that has never been built before. Cryomech recognizes this and encourages our customers to challenge us with their custom Cryostat application. Customizable features include, but are not limited to:

  • Optical windows
  • Location and number of instrumentation access points
  • Clamping flanges for faster sample changes
  • Sample stages with greater or less capacity
  • Sample stage mounting hole patterns
  • Wet and dry cooling options