Reliable Vibration-Sensitive Applications

Vibration-sensitive applications can be cryocooled in the 20-100K range by the Cryomech Cold Helium Circulation Systems. The customer’s object is cooled by mounting it to a cold finger through which circulating, constant-pressure, cold helium flows to absorb the heat load. The cold helium is cryocooled by a Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryocooler separated from the cold finger by the flexible Cold Helium Transfer Line, eliminating the vibrations.

The complete system is closed-cycle and operates with the reliability of the GM Cryocoolers and with a warranty of 10,000 hours. The CHCS comes in two capacity sizes: 120W and 200W @ 80K, the CHCS120 and CHCS200.

For customers experienced with open-cycle flow Cryostats, the CHCS is essentially a cryocooled open-flow Cryostat-type system. When the open end of the flowing cold cryogen has been closed off and re-pumped, re-cryocooled and re-circulated, no cryogens are needed.

Inside the vacuum chamber assembly, the cold head of the AL Series Cryocooler interfaces with the circulating cold helium. It is here that the heat load added to the cold finger is pumped out of the CHCS. The compressor package, the cold head, two flexible lines and motor cord make up the components of the Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryocooler.