World’s Largest PT and GM Cryocoolers

Here at Cryomech we pride ourselves on having the widest selection of Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cryocoolers available on the market. With that vast selection, we can also say we offer the largest cooling capacities from a single GM cycle cryocooler available anywhere.

Performance specs for our largest cryocoolers are as follows:

PT420 (with CP1114 Compressor): 2.0W @ 4.2K (2nd stage) with 55W @ 45K (1st stage)

PT820 (with CP1114 Compressor): 28W @ 20 K (2nd stage) with 130W @ 80 K (1st stage)

AL600 (with CP1114 compressor): 600W @ 80K

AL630 (with CP1114 compressor): 200W @ 30 K or 100W @ 20 K

Additionally, the meantime between maintenance (MTBM) of the AL630 is expected to increase by ~50% compared to that of our original AL600.

Cryomech also specializes in custom solutions for your cryogenic needs. Call us today to find the perfect solution for you!

PT 420 cold head