Save Energy with the Inverter Compressor

Cryomech has recognized an opportunity to provide additional value to its customers in the form of a new energy-saving Inverter Compressor. This intelligent compressor monitors the pressure in the customer’s cryostat and uses a power inverter to match the cold head’s refrigeration capacity to the cryogenic heat load. This mode of operation is vastly more efficient than using a heater on the cold head’s second stage to take up excess refrigeration capacity. Power savings of nearly 4 kW have been observed during testing. To put this in perspective, in Europe, where electricity can cost over $0.30/kWh ( 0.27/kWh), a customer could have saved approximately $10,000 ( 8,942) per year using the Inverter Compressor. In the next few months, Cryomech expects to sell its first new generation, intelligent PT410 reliquefier using the Inverter Compressor. Development work has also started on Liquid Helium Plants based on this technology.