Larger Liquid Helium Plants and Reliquefiers

In 2017 Cryomech launched the  PT420, the largest 4K pulse tube available with an impressive performance ≥2 W at 4.2K with ≥55 W at 45K. A larger pulse tube means a higher liquefaction rate is possible in our already robust line of helium management products.

Cryomech shipped its first Liquid Helium Plant (LheP) in 2007. At the time a worldwide helium shortage was occurring and people were being forced to limit their helium usage. We knew we could apply our cryogenic and integration expertise to supply a complete off the shelf helium liquefier solution that included our PT with a storage dewar and necessary controls. Having a complete system appealed to our customer base and the need for larger systems arose. Our current LHePs can produce 15, 22, 28, 55, and 80 liters of liquid helium per day. Cryomech currently has the largest product line of helium liquefiers in the industry and is considered the foremost company when offering single systems for liquefaction rates above 35L per day.

We also offer reliquefiers if boil off from a single cryostat is the concern. Base models can liquefy 10, 15, 20, 40 and 60 liters per day.

To read more about our Helium Liquefaction products and development please reference the April 2018 issue of ColdFacts. The Spotlight on Industry section features a more detailed article on our Helium Product Line.