About Us

We developed and produced the world’s first commercially available 4K Pulse Tube Cryocooler (PTR). We also manufacture the largest variety of single-stage Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryocooler available anywhere.

Cryomech was founded in 1963 by Professor William E. Gifford, the inventor of the Gifford-McMahon Cycle and the Pulse Tube Cycle. In 1992, Cryomech developed its first Liquid Nitrogen Plant, the LNP40. In 1999, Dr. Chao Wang developed the first commercially available 4K Pulse Tube Cryocooler. In 2007, Cryomech introduced the LHeP12 and 20 Liquid Helium Plants. In 2010, the first Cryomech Helium Recovery System was installed. In 2013, Cryomech developed the 1K Cryostat and released its second-generation Liquid Helium Plants with increased liquefaction rates and remote monitoring.

Cryomech’s team strives to provide the highest quality products for our customers.

We realize that our responses to your requests for information, quotations, and service define us. Based at our world headquarters in Syracuse, New York, our cryo-team is relentless in their pursuit of our customers’ success. Through continual innovation, improvement of our technical expertise and our pinpoint focus on product quality and reliability, we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

From the detail-conscious attention of our skilled engineers and machinists to the rigorous testing by our technicians, each unit receives the attention to detail necessary to ensure consistent, optimal performance. Members of the cryo-team have a combined cryogenics knowledge base in excess of 120 years – knowledge that is available to you.

Our Mission

Cryomech exists to make our customers successful. To do this we must:

  • Maintain a healthy business
  • Be thought leaders in our industry
  • Be totally customer-focused
  • And be the best-trained and most-knowledgeable team in our industry