Cryomech manufactures over 30 different types of Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators. While our competition is focused on providing large volumes of the same types of systems, we strive to customize our products to be easily integrated into your individual application. The more specialized and elaborate, the better.

Our fast and open design process allows you to remain the expert in your field of research and the design of your device. Once you decide the most important operating parameters for you, our customization experts are off and running. Cryomech is motivated to provide you with the best product while providing you the shortest lead time possible.

Whether you are condensing and liquefying cryogens or conductively cooling your sample, Cryomech has the appropriate Cryorefrigerator for you.

Gifford-McMahon Cryorefrigerator

Since Cryomech developed the first commercial Gifford-McMahon Cryorefrigerator in 1963, we have introduced over 20 different baseline models for our customers to choose from. Whether you need 10 watts or 600 watts, we guarantee there is a product that’s perfect for the application.

  • Optimal temperature range for operation between 12-120K
  • Easy to maintain: Most maintenance can be performed in the field
  • Cryomech GM Cryorefrigerators are operating on every continent


Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators

If you’re looking to see how the word “first” relates to Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators (PTRs), look to Cryomech. We developed the first commercial 4K Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerator in 1998, the world’s first 1W 4K PTR in 2007, the world’s first 1.5W 4K PTR in 2012 and the first 2W Pulse Tube (PT420) in 2017. Cryomech currently offers the largest variety of 4K Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators anywhere in the industry.

  • Operation between 2.8-4.2K
  • Long mean time between maintenance (more than 20,000 hours of operation)
  • Cryomech Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerators are operating on every continent




Industries served may include, but are not limited to:

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Astronomy
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Imaging
  • Material esearch
  • Materials Processing
  • Medical/Biomedical
  • Microsopy
  • Military/Tactical
  • Remote Sensing/Lidar
  • Signal Processing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Test & Measurement