Company Bios

The members of the Cryomech team are the trailblazers of removing heat at cryogenic temperatures. Based upon the technology developed by Cryomech Founder William E. Gifford and the principles implemented by his son, Peter, Cryomech has enjoyed more than 50 years of cryogenic innovation. We are unafraid of the unknown and inspired by the thrill brought on by new challenges.

A key component of our success is our ability to adapt to our customers’ demands. Our ability to be both open and flexible forges the way to discovering the custom cryogenic solutions that our customers demand.

Dr. Chao Wang Chief Technology Officer

Dr Chao Wang

Dr Chao WangDr. Chao Wang has been the director of research and development for Cryomech since 1998. Dr. Wang received his B.S. from Shanghai Institute of Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and M.S. and Ph.D. from Xian’An Jiaotong University in 1990 and 1993. Between 1993 and 1996, he was a post-doctoral researcher and later became an associate professor at Cryogenic Lab, CAS. He later received an A.V. Humboldt Research Fellowship for study at the University of Giessen. In 1998, Dr. Wang joined the Cryomech team where his main research focus is development of pulse tube cryocoolers, GM cryocoolers and cryocooler-related cryogenic systems. During his time with Cryomech, he has developed and commercialized the world’s first two-stage pulse tube cryocoolers below 4K. He liquefied helium and conductively cooled a superconducting magnet with the pulse tube cryocoolers for the first time. His 4K pulse tube cryocoolers have created many applications for low temperature superconductors, etc. He commercialized the world’s first 10K pulse tube cryocooler for cryopump, etc. Also developed are single-stage GM cryocoolers for high-temperature superconductors, which have the highest efficiency and cooling capacity to date. Dr. Wang continues to research and develop new cryogenic refrigeration technology today. His most recent developments include the ultra-low vibration 1K Cryostat and the Pumping Recovery System for the Helium Reliquefier.

He has published more than 80 scientific papers and has been awarded five patents. He was elected as a board member of International Cryocooler Conference and worked with Rich Dausman as co-chairman of ICC 18 of Syracuse, N.Y., in 2014.

Dr. Wang has won a number of awards for his contributions to cryogenic refrigeration technology, such as:

  • Fourth prize in the 1998 competition for the National Natural Science Award in China
  • Cryogenic Prize from Elsevier Science Ltd for the best paper published in cryogenics (1998)
  • Roger W. Boom Award for 2000 from Cryogenic Society of America

Rich Dausman Chief Operation Officer

Rich Dausman

Rich DausmanRichard Dausman is currently the chief operating officer at Cryomech. Mr. Dausman holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Syracuse University. Mr. Dausman joined Cryomech in 1976 and has held a number of positions with the company. Mr. Dausman continues to be a key contributor in fostering the steady growth and development of Cryomech into a leading manufacturer of cryogenic systems. Before his current position, Mr. Dausman was vice president of engineering. His activities focused on the design, development and manufacturing of the company’s broad product line. He has extensive experience in a wide range of cryogenic techniques, applications and systems integration. Mr. Dausman is a member of the Cryomech Board of Directors and chairman of the 18th International Cryocooler Conference hosted in Syracuse, N.Y in June 2014. His peers elected him to the Cryogenic Engineering Conference Board of Directors.

Brent Zerkle Prototype/New Product Technology Director

Brent Zerkle

Brent ZerkleBrent Zerkle, Cryomech’s director of prototyping, received his degree as a model maker from Onondaga Community College. He has been apprenticing under Peter Gifford since 1982, when he joined the Cryomech team. At that time, there were only four other employees. In his time with Cryomech, he has designed most of the fixtures used here today, including a number of parts for the cold heads in extensive cryorefrigerator lines. His work on special projects here at Cryomech includes Helium Recovery Systems, Helium Reliquefiers and Special Cryostats. When someone says that a project is impossible, Mr. Zerkle takes that as a personal challenge to make it possible.

Kelly Wypych Chief Business Officer

Kelly has nearly 30 years’ experience in technology management, strategy, business development and engineering. She joined Cryomech in January of 2014 as Director of Strategic Planning. She previously led Strategy and Product Management for Saab ’s global Traffic Management Division and has held leadership roles at Lockheed Martin and GE. Kelly led two technology start-up companies as President/CEO. Kelly’s background includes managing international technology and infrastructure projects in over 20 countries, merger and acquisition experience, and experience leading complex product development initiatives. Kelly started her career as an RF design engineer at GE and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. She is a graduate of GE’s Management Training program and the Leadership of Greater Syracuse program.

Kelly is a past President of the US Canoe Association and has held multiple board positions for Non-profit and start-up companies.